Beachcombing offers you an excellent portal to marine and natural science, and human settlement history. Here is a wide array of beach treasures gracing the desk in my 'BeachLab:" sea glass and marbles, English and Tuscan beach ceramics, American Indian arrowheads, quartz, Asian fishing floats, Miocene-era fossilized shells, marine mammal bone, and shark and skate teeth.
PLEASE NOTE: Images are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without the written permission of Dr. Ritterbush or Megan Elyse Lloyd.
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Sea Breeze 
Salt Air
 Gull Cry 
 Wave Break...
Wandering along shorelines pocketing treasure is something I've done since I was a small child. A gentle, meditative activity, beachcombing never failed to lift my spirits and fill my pockets with fascinating things. Now, as an adult, a beachcomber still, I realize that strolling along searching for sea glass, shells or stones offers not just me, but all of us, a natural way to enhance our health and well-being, extend our social networks and expand our intellectual horizons.

My mission to educate people about the beachcomb experience. I do this through lectures, workshops, publications, a Dr. Beachcomb Facebook page, the annual International Beachcombing Conference, and this site, which I hope becomes your one-stop shop for 'everything beachcombing.' Let the links inform and guide you to a great beachcomb experience. I guarantee you'll never see a beach in the same way again!  
a pastime that offers you an affordable opportunity to change your life for the better,
 in body, mind and spirit.
English sea glass , photo by Deacon Ritterbush.